Hired A New York Personal Injury Attorney To Help Me

I was involved in an accident while out shopping one day. The floor was wet in a department store and I slipped and fell on the floor. When I fell, I landed on my arm the wrong way and I broke it. I had never broken a bone until that day. It was a very painful experience for me. It caught me off guard too, especially since I was shopping and not planning on breaking any bones. Needless to say, I had to go to the hospital to have a cast put on my arm. I incurred lots of medical bills from this injury and I expected that the department store would pay for the bills. Whenever I tried to call them though, I had to leave them messages and never received any phone calls back. I was telling a friend of mine about my situation and she suggested I start looking for a New York personal injury attorney to help me.

After she told me that, I thought maybe I should start looking for an attorney. It seemed like that would be the only way I would get these medical bills paid and out of collections. I went online and I searched for New York personal injury attorneys in the area. I browsed the results to see if there were any names I recognized and I read reviews from their clients that had hired them before. I found a few names I thought I had seen before and they had really great reviews. I decided to call them to see what they could tell me on the phone. The attorneys I called wanted to set up appointments to meet in person to discuss my case. I wanted to meet with a few different ones to see what each one would tell me before I hired them so I scheduled my appointments with them.

Once I talked to both attorneys that I was considering hiring, I decided which one to hire. He was confident that he would be able to get my bills paid and get extra money for pain and suffering. The other attorney didn’t want to pursue the case.

The attorney that I hired was able to get me the money for my medical bills and money for pain and suffering. He got my case settled quickly and I didn’t need to wait around for very long before everything was taken care of.…